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AirBit Club esperienze e truffa recensione verdetto: Quando si pensa di investire in cryptocurrencies, assicurarsi di utilizzare solo i migliori strumenti. AirBit Club promettono un sacco ma offrire nulla; Questa recensione è la prova, che è illegale. Tutte le esperienze di AirBit Club era male, AirBit Club è. AirBit Club Program: The Ponzi Scheme. One of the most apparent signs that the AirBit Club system is a scam is the fact that it has all of the makings of a classic Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme is where an investor or investors take on investments from people with the promise of ridiculously massive returns with no risk of the money being lost. Further infecting and ruining the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency kingdom, AirBit Club has left a massive wake of victims throughout Russia and Colombia. As you can accurately infer from the title of this review, AirBit Club is more than just a misleading Ponzi scheme that should be avoided. Airbit Club Software – IT IS A PONZI SCHEME! What many people do not seem to realize about this Airbit Club software is that it is in fact nothing more than a really bad Ponzi scheme. It has all of the classic scam factors that can be seen with every single last Ponzi scheme out there.

13/03/2019 · Ver Todo el ANÁLISIS y OPINIONES de AirBit Club: Se trata de una plataforma de trading que nos promete ganar dinero fácil y de una forma rápida con el fin de que confiemos en. In essence, the AirBit Club scam and the Bitclub Advantage scam claim to perform cryptocurrency mining and trading to make a profit for you, but they offer absolutely no explanation as to how any of these things work! To repeat, both the Bitclub Advantage system and the AirBit Club app are completely fraudulent Ponzi schemes.

I have read claims that Renato Rodriguez of ViziNova Ponzi fame is involved in AirBit Club, but I was unable to independently able to verify this information. What, so I didn’t read claims Rodriguez is involved in AirBit Club? Uh. right. And as for Vizinova being a Ponzi scheme, newly invested funds were used to pay off existing investors. Do you know about the classic Nigerian Prince scheme? Well, it was that, F1 version. Quote from Wikipedia. At the start of the year a colourful Nigerian prince, Malik Ado Ibrahim, bought a 25% shareholding in the team, and his T-Minus brand appeared on the cars for most of the year. Trade Coin Club Review: Cryptocurrency exchange Ponzi ROIs Dec.28, 2016 in MLM Reviews There is no information on the Trade Coin Club website indicating who owns or runs the business. 01/08/2016 · Lately, this business opportunity has been getting a lot of hype on the internet. People are hyping AirBit Club all over the place, including a lot of social media. Has someone already pitched AirBit Club to you? The first thing I want to tell you is that I am NOT promoting this business in any way. The AirBit Club website domain “” was registered on the 27th of September 2015, however the domain registration is set to private. I have read claims that Renato Rodriguez of ViziNova Ponzi fame is involved in AirBit Club, but I was unable to independently verify this information.

AirBit Club Review – What Is It? AirBit Club is an opportunity to make money online. They offer the ability to earn through an ROI with a system they have and also through an MLM structure where when you refer new members and they invest the company will reward you with commissions. AirBit Club Reviews – Product Line. AirBit Club doesn’t have any retail products or services, but you can promote the business opportunity. Once you become an affiliate, you get access to their marketplace where you can buy bitcoins and other crypto currencies and trade them. It’s the classic buy low and sell high AirBit Club gives you.

AirBit Club is an unregulated investment company owned by GO88 Ventures Inc. You should definitely avoid any unregulated or investment company and AirBit Club is one of them. Have you been Scammed by AirBit Club ? Have you been victim of this company. AirBit Club BitBackOffice Review – Deceitful Ponzi Scheme Hybrid. By Admin Scam 149 Comments. As you can accurately infer from the title of this review, AirBit Club is more than just a deceptive Ponzi scheme that should be avoided. The AirBit Club framework should be this magnificent HYIP with incredible returns. Obviously, as long as we fork our Bitcoin stash over to these folks, they will profit for us through mining and exchanging BTC. As far as anyone knows, with negligible ventures, inside a simple matter of months, we can recover a few thousand times our interest as. My review exposing the AirBit Club Scam. If you've recently been invited to join AirBit Club USA, Airbit Club Philippines orfrom an old friend, beware! It just takes a quick Google search to bring up the wide variety of complaints made against the company. Is there a AirBit Club Scam going on? The truth about this crypto MLM company is finally exposed on this AirBit Club review 2019.

Primer Video Revelando la Estafa de AIRBIT CLUB. ¿Sabias que los dueños de la Ponzi AIRBIT CLUB piramide son Renato Rodriguez y Gutember Dos. Airbit Club - UK. 127 likes. Marketing Multilevel, Cryptocurrency,Network digital,bitcoins. the most valuable currency in the world BE PART OF OUR. AirBit Club Review – Legit Business or. Ponzi Scam maybe this few weeks or months you survive but in the long run when the new comers are keep on decreasing then that's the time Airbit will exit withour informing all of the investors the founders have than that before of course they will that again and again, maybe the founder of these. That twitter page looks like part of a scam to me and I doubt they have any connection to the original company. The way these scams work is they pretend to be a company that has gone bust, then say that your funds are safe, but you need to pay them some fees to access your money.

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